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Please browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to Regal Caravans & our services, if you can't find the answer to your specific question, please feel free to Contact Us for further information.

  1. Do I need caravan insurance?

    It is up to you. Caravan insurance is not required by law, but is highly recommended. Your car or home insurance will not likely cover your caravan in the event of an accident or if it were to be stolen. We would recommend you protect your van as you would your other assets.

  2. Do you sell caravans to the general public?

    No. Our full range of custom caravans are available through our dealerships throughout Australia and New Zealand.

  3. Does Regal Caravan do repairs?

    The short answer is yes

    Regal Caravans do repair from little dints to complete cladding with Guaranteed Quality & Value in Caravan Repairs


     Our services include:

    1. Insurance work
    2. Servicing
    3. Battery & all eletrical work
    4. Repair or fit solar system
    5. All plumbing repairs 


    1. Cladding Repairs
    2. Roof repair/replacement
    3. Window replacement
    4. General body repair (scratches, scuffs, scrapes etc)
    5. Water system Repairs
    6. Damp work
    7. Fibreglass or plastic part repairs


    1. Woodwork
    2. Wallboard replacement
    3. Furniture ply
    4. Appliance fittings
    5. Shower replacements
    6. Fibreglass or plastic part repairs


  4. How do I place an order for my custom caravan?

    Contact us for any new caravan enquiries and we will ensure a dealer in your area contacts you to place your order. Alternatively, you can contact any of our dealers directly via their contact details and they will be in touch to discuss your requirements and place your order.

  5. How long have you been in business?

    Regal Caravans are an Australian family owned and operated caravan manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of custom caravans and pop tops.  We have been operating in Melbourne's north for over 30 years.  We design, manufacture and deliver custom made caravans of all sizes and function to the highest quality finish - you can be assured you will receive the best product in the market place.

  6. How long will it take for my caravan to be manufactured?

    Manufacture of your custom caravan is approximately 6 to 8 weeks to complete the van roll out. Clients are kept informed of time frames at all steps of the process.

  7. Is Regal Caravans an Australian manufacturer?

    Yes, Regal Caravans are an 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturing company.

  8. What are the tow bar requirements of my new caravan?

    All vehicle towing must comply with towing capacity requirements and have a correctly rated tow bar fitted (includes tow bar rating and download capacity). The towing vehicle and tow bar must both have a Towing Rating that exceeds the ATM Rating of the caravan. The towing vehicle and tow bar must both have a maximun Ball-Load Rating that exceeds the actual ball-loading of the camper, trailer and caravan at any time. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to always ensure that they do not ever exceed any of these ratings when they have the caravan partly or fully loaded.

  9. What size van can my caravan tow?

    Your vehicle will have an identification plate on the tow bar that will tell you the maximum towing weight your vehicle is capable of towing. The information you need to know is the maximum braked towing capacity and the maximum tow ball weight. This information will determine what size van your vehicle can safely tow.

  10. Where is my new custom caravan or motor home manufactured?

    All Regal caravans & motor homes are manufactured at our factory in Craigieburn, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

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