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The short answer is yes

Regal Caravans do repair from little dints to complete cladding with Guaranteed Quality & Value in Caravan Repairs



Our services include:

  1. Insurance work
  2. Heater installation & repairs (Gas, Diesel, Water etc)
  3. Air conditioner installation & repairs (Roof, under bunk etc)
  4. Battery & all eletrical work
  5. Repair or fit solar system
  6. All plumbing repairs 



  1. Cladding Repairs
  2. Roof repair/replacement
  3. Window replacement
  4. General body repair (scratches, scuffs, scrapes etc)
  5. Water system Repairs
  6. Damp work
  7. Fibreglass or plastic part repairs
  8. Awnings



  1. Woodwork
  2. Wallboard replacement
  3. Furniture ply
  4. Appliance fittings
  5. Shower replacements
  6. Fibreglass or plastic part repairs
  7. Upholstery Repair or Replace


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